V2.90 and OTIS Compass Integration - Unsecuring Landing

I have a client wishing to temporarily unsecure a specific floor for a predetermined amount of time. I have tried both unsecuring the desired landing both via manual action, as well as a configured event. On the SWH side, the landing shows unsecured, but you’re still not allowed to freely access the floor without presenting a card. Am I missing something? Support is stumped so far.

Hello Jon.

I have never used the “unsecure” with the Otis integration. The only way I have released a floor button is by applying a landing matrix with the button released. And you could use the scheduled tab, not tested.

Not sure if that will solve your problem. I have a couple of Otis integrations and if I get a chance I will try it myself, it might highlight a bug.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the scheduled matrix need to be applied to all LOCs for this to properly function? I wound up adding the floors to the “open floor” landing matrix to temporarily get my customer by until I get this figured out.

You are correct, it would need to be applied to all the DEC’s on the source floors.

Unfortunately that’s just not a feasable solution to present to my client, my client has over 30 of them. I have a support call with someone that specializes in the OTIS integration. Will provide an update once a solution is made.

I believe Jon worked with support this morning and it was determined that the issue was due to incorrect landing indexes.