Unable to delete an operator - Object in use

I am trying to delete an operator from CCure 9000 ver.2.90 SP4 but I receive the message saying cannot remove operator as object is in use. How can I find out where this operator is in use ?

Hi Antony,

please check if you have any workstation already logged in with the operator you are planning to delete .

Other thing to check , go to operator itself and check other Tabs then general tab ,including the Layout Tab and clear the objects associated which might prevent deleting the operator .

In some scenarios , the operator can be corrupted and we need to delete it from the Database , if it is the case please open a case with us and we will help assist you to delete the operator from the database .


Hi Rahman, I did check those tabs as you suggested and also the operator does not show in the Online Operators list either. Also this operator is not shown on any personnel records either.

Often if you edit an operator and then attempt to delete it, it is held in the cache and counted as in use. This will eventually clear up, or you can do it after restarting Crossfire.

If restarting Crossfire services is not clearing the operator object so you can delete it, try removing all victor roles. Right-click on operator object, Remove victor roles, select all and save.

Next, try deleting the operator object.