Turnstile (Door) Programming

I have noticed the previous programmer where I am working, programmed a I-star door for both in and out functions of the turnstile. I assume he did this because each direction of the turnstile uses a different output where an I-STAR door configuration only gives you one lock output with and IN and OUT reader. Is there a better way to do this?

You hit the nail on the head. Due to a different lock relay being activated based on direction (IN vs OUT), a separate door needs to be created for each direction with 1 reader per door. For the turnstyle Outbound lanes, I do recommend assigning the reader to the outbound reader. It will still work being assigned as the inbound reader, but gets confusing with respect to the journal and monitoring station. What I mean is, if the door is named “Turnstyle Lane 1 OUT” but the only reader is assigned as the Inbound reader, the Monitoring station would report your access grant as "Admitted Barnowski, Michael at Turnstyle Lane 1 OUT (IN). The (IN) at the end of the transaction is reporting the Inbound reader was used. You can program the door with just an Outbound reader.

Michael, I think I have brought this to someone’s attention in the past, but is that something they are working on addressing? It is very cumbersome to have 2 doors for a single turnstile, and it also presents issues with the escort features. It would be very helpful to have the ability to set an inbound lock relay and an outbound lock relay, just like you set the in and out readers, in the door form.

Our biggest issue is with the escort feature. The documentation provides an example for escorting personnel through a turnstile where the host can enter first and grant the visitors from the inside, but with the 2 door configuration, that scenario is impossible.

Hi Jeremy,
I can ask Product Management about including a secondary “Outbound” output to be used specifically for turnstiles. Would probably also need a secondary RTE input as well. Most Likely this feature would be added to the “Enhanced Door Monitoring Option” (CC9000-ENHDOOR)

I can’t think of a reason a secondary RTE would be required since the only application I can see this for is a turnstile that has a reader on both sides and no RTE at all. (That, of course, doesn’t mean there would NEVER be a reason, I just can’t think of one.)

And that makes sense that it would be in enhanced door monitoring, we already have that, so no big deal there.