Rejected clearance when offline

We had an iStar ultra G2 go offline (network issue) for a few hours and experienced some passes not working.
When the controller came back online they all worked again but what we saw from the logs was that the cards not working had Rejected (Clearance).
Have checked these personnel against ones that worked and they are all have the same clearance etc

What would cause some passes to not work?
How can i make sure ALL passes work if the controller loses network again?

iStar Ultra G2 fw 6.9.2.CUO1U.i8


Hi John,

when the panel is offline, are you then still able to login and connect? If yes we might need you to set certain Level Control switches within diagnostics. Then perform swipes with cards for users that are getting rejected. Once done, collect the log file and open a ticket with the Support Team. provide the log so we can investigate this scenario.

Would you encounter the same issue when the panel is online, then please do the same and provide the log file…

Has this panel been rebooted while they have seen the issue or while troubleshooting to get it back online?

On the Panel and the Level Control:

Connect to the webpage → Diagnostics → then select the panel symbole on the right hand site → Level Control and set the following:

  • commserver all except general

  • event manager all checkboxes

  • acm process all checkboxes except memory

  • Turn Rate Limiting Off.

Once ready with collecting the log file, then undo these changes and let the panel operate as needed.

Best Regards,