Privileges Disappeared

This past weekend, I upgraded from 2.70 SP7 to 2.90 SP6. After upgrading, I noticed that operator privileges have disappeared. The operators can still open and use Ccure so they weren’t deleted, they just don’t appear in their record. If I look at a privilege and the operators to whom it is assigned, I can see that operator. However, when I look at the operator record, nothing is there.

Hi Leon,

Did you try to restart the crossfire services? May I also know if this is a standalone or enterprise system?

Enterprise so that makes it more complicated.

Please logged a case with our support team since this is an enterprise environment so it needs more investigation.

Leon what was the resolution? Regards

Restarted services over the weekend but still privileges are missing. Have a feeling this is going to L3.

@Leon_Bishop - This sounds suspiciously similar to what we experienced in July 2021 after a v270>v290 Enterprise upgrade (we included SP2 during this upgrade).

We not only had missing privileges in operator accounts, but there were issues with restricted operators (meaning, any operators that didn’t have SYS_ALL privilege) being able to use CCure9000 in the same way they could prior to the upgrade - makes sense, given all the PRIVS were missing from their operator accounts.

Long story short, the issue was the “resignature.exe” file didn’t properly sign the operator table. Upon startup after the upgrade, CCure saw the unsigned table as “tampered”, which meant it wouldn’t use table.

A quick way to see if this is the same issue is to stop all CCure services, bring up the DIAG tab in the Server Config App. Then, restart the Crossfire service, and watch the DIAG tab for error messages. You may see something along the lines of “invalid table”, “tampered table”…I don’t recall the exact messages we saw.

We worked with L3, as well as the engineer that wrote the “resignature.exe” file to get this resolved. The “fix” was in v2.90 SP2 CU01. I’d be surprised if the same issue has returned, but it’s entirely possible. We had to install the CU on ALL of the servers in the Enterprise.

Contact L3 and ask them to reference case #02188748.

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