OTIS Elevator Integration Offline After Server and CCURE Upgrade

I have migrated a 2.70 system running the OTIS plug-in to a fresh server running 2.90 SP6CU01 and 2.91 OTIS plug in. Since the migration, the OTIS DES will not come online. I can ping the OTIS DES and all DECs with no issue from the new server. Any ideas?

Hi Jon, have you adjusted IP address in the configuration file?

Sorry for the late response. Your mention was the fix for this issue.

Glad to hear it worked for you!

Hi Jon,
I’m having similar issue with my upgrade. can you tell me how you got it fixed.

1 of 2 ways. The quickest way is to use the same IP address as your old server, as it’s hard coded in the installation files. Option 2 is to modify the configuration file (I cannot recall which one) to update the IP tied to the OTIS plug in.