OSD Reader LED color change to Yellow

We have OSD reader set up with Istar Ultra G2 controllers. most of the reader sharing 1 rs485 port with different address. I have set up the reader LED color to be blue when Idle, red when in alarm, green when access granted. occasionally reader from random controllers Idle LED will change to yellow. I have to reset the controller and send a download to get them back to blue again. any idea why this is happening?

Hi Alvin,

what type of readers and what FW is used on the Ultra G2?

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We are using HID Signo readers. Ultra G2 has latest firmware

I am using 3 different manufacturer readers, HID SIGNO, Identiv and Wavelynx using the settings you described and i see not issue.
Are you monitoring the communication with the readers so if they go offline you know about it?
If so, are they going amber when comm is lost?

when the reader LED change it do not go offline. they can still accept valid card reads.

WOW, mine are working fine.
Hopefully one of the guys has good input on this.