Move existing partition to another SAS with history

We would like to move a partition and all of it’s objects to another SAS. We would like to also have the existing journal and audit history move with it. We have seen this post Migrating Partition to second SAS - #2 by Alexander.Mavrides.SWH_L3_Support and it does not seem to address the second portion nor what to do with the hardware.

Thanks in advance,

Keith Lang

@Keith.Lang , we do these at professional services and I can tell you the history will not come over. The journal data remains at the SAS and if sync’d, at the MAS. The Cluster and child objects (i.e. controller, boards, Input, Output, Reader, Doors, etc.) need to be exported in XML from the one SAS and imported on the other one excluding partitions, GUID and ObjectID as they need to be regenerated on the second SAS. As you know, CCURE 9000 Enterprise cannot have duplicate GUID as it will result in sync conflicts, and each SAS build its own ObjectID range to house the whole SAS and these never overlap with the other SAS thus ensuring these are also unique across the enterprise. Importing hardware is tricky as you must consider other dependencies or links (e.g. readers must have the associated card format existing on the SAS, Groups need to have the object created first. Events can be created but the actions need to come after all hardware is in place. There are many caveats to the process, but certainly is a fun one.