iStar Ultra G2 ACM Fire Alarm Interlock (FAI) not activating selected Outputs

Has anyone had problems with Fire Alarm Interlock (FAI) not activating the outputs selected by FAI Enable switches on an iStar Ultra G2 ACM? We get an FAI Active LED by the FAI Input when it’s activated, but no door unlock. And this part seems stranger… the Card Reader stops allowing access while the FAI is active. I am guessing it could be a firmware issue. Thoughts?

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Hi Tim,

What’s the firmware version of G2 controller and are you using FAI without Latch?

Firmware 6.8.9.CU04r. We are not using FAI Latch.

Take a look at the following TAB:

iSTAR Ultra ACM G2 Fire Alarm Interlock (FAI) relay drive logic change(


Thank you! Thats exactly what we are looking for. This info needs to be widely distributed.