IStar Pro - ICU Connection Fail

I’m migrating a larger site from one server to the another. I have both ultra and pro controllers.
Some of the pro controllers would not accept the ICU connectivity unless I restart them even though they show online in CCure and I can ping them. I tried to connect directly from my laptop to the panel via an ethernet cord and the result is the same - Connection failed. Once I restart the panel (soft restart) everything works as normal. Is there a way to perform a remote restart for the pro panels from CCURE or any other utility - in other words, is there a way to restart the connection remotely ?
The version of the Istar Pro panels is 5.2.B.19814.i2
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Jonathan,

For the Ultra controller ,firmware 6.6.0 and higher a web diagnostic page can be used for configuration and diagnostics . Also you can reboot or factory default the ultra panel from the web page. Furthermore you can do more complicated diagnostics.

Regarding the Pro controller , "communication failed "message can be because a Windows Firewall , or Antivirus ,or not having admin right or other restriction in the PC that it is used in this case ,also can be related to network .


For the Ultra, I understand and I used the web diagnostic page before. As far as the PRO’S go, the issue is not the firewall as I tried multiple computers, disable the firewall, antivirus, etc. Also, the following items are not working before the reboot and would work fine after:


  • Right Click in on panel - Diagnostic - Could not connect
  • Right Click on panel -Firmware Update - Unable to perform firmware Update.
  • Connect to panel - Connection Failed
  • Type the IP address in the address bar - Cannot display the web page
    THE PANELS SHOW ONLINE in CCURE. All the events are working.

After a reboot everything works as expected.


Run a journal replay on the iStar pro, look for DOS attacks or any other out of the normal event.

iSTAR Pro’s that cannot connect via ICU or have diagnostic webpages that do not load require a hard reboot/power cycle to resolve the issue. This normally occurs on Pro panels that have long uptime with no reboots. The memory tends to cache errors and can’t clear its buffer. Since the memory is volatile, a power cycle drops the entire database and forces it to push fresh config and personnel download from the server.

Need to remember that the Pro panels are end of life and are a very old product. Their using technology from the early 2000’s.

Try a different ver of ICU. Also What OS is on your laptop.