iStar eX panel shows LCD Test on LCD

Like the title says, iStar eX panel shows LCD Test on LCD instead of status messages. These panels were installed quite some time ago and not by myself. I figured it was just a quick change to the rotary switch, but that is set correctly and no mention of LCD Test in any of the manuals. Panels work fine, and I am in the process of upgrading firmware on all of these eX panels which is also going fine, just would like to get my normal status display back.

Hi Monte,

This particular issue has only been reported once before, and I have not seen it or reproduced this in house yet. The message suggest that the LCD Display is stuck on the LCD Test Mode from the Diagnostics. The best route would be to call in a case number for this issue, and have it escalated to (me) Wayne in L3, so I can work with you directly on this to figure it out.

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Thanks Wayne. We will be doing the software upgrade this week and I have some other urgent items with other customers I need to get cleared up, so it will be two or three weeks before I can look at this again, will let you know.

Wayne, I am planning on going to the customers site this Thursday 11/29 about 1pm EST if that time works with your schedule.

I am having this same issue with several EX panels at 6.2.8 firmware. When I boot to the 4.1.1 Boot image and downgrade the firmware to 6.2.1. The panel will boot up and the LCD scrolls through messages correctly. Then when I load the 6.2.8 firmware again the LCD stays on LCD TEST OK. I tried to update the boot image to 5.1.9 but I couldn’t get the process to work.

Josh, my notes are slim going back that far so I don’t have any details other than I did update to the latest firmware, there must have been something else as I had a case open with Tech Support, wish I could be of more help.