Importing Temp Credentials

Need help importing Temp Credentials, we do not want or have a personnel record to import but every time we try to import just a credential with an xml file we get an error saying “Adding of credentials is not allowed without a personnel record.”

Hi Nathan,

What version of CCURE is this? I was able to import a Temp Credential with no problems on 2.90 SP4.

First, I created a Temp Credential manually then right clicked on it and did an “Export selection…”
Then I modified the XML as follows:

  • I gave the credential a new name
  • I removed any lines with a GUID
  • I removed any lines with an ObjectID
  • I changed the card number to something unique

I then imported the modified XML successfully.

I am on 2.90 SP6, I just tried the steps you did and it just sits at “importing data…” There aren’t any errors but it’s just sitting there not doing anything, and then the Crossfire Service stops, not sure what’s going on there.

I got it to work, I was using the Data Conversion tab, but when I did not use that it worked. I’ll try to take that info and apply it to what we were trying to do, which was use a 3rd party software(Lions Gate) to harvest the badge info into an xml and then import it. Thank you for the help.

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Thanks for the update, Nathan. Glad you got it to work!

How would I bulk import temp credentials? I just followed your steps above to export to an XML but I want to import 50 temp credentials. Modifying the XML for that many credentials seems excessive. Can this be done via CSV?

Yes you can import temp credentials via CSV.

Thanks but how?

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You can not import credentials only unless your importing temporary credentials.
Here is the CSV I used when clicking the “Select Sample Input” button. You can add additional credential fields if required. No point adding an expiration date, as the date will change as it is assigned to a person.

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Create a CSV data import. I used the above file when I clicked the “Select Sample Input” button.
Navigate to the “data conversion tab.” Click the “add” button. Select “Credential” As the “CCure 9000 Data Target Type”. Map the fields as follows.

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Save and close the import. Perform the manual import.

As you can see, the 4 temp credentials were successfully added to the system via CSV import.

Thanks, Michael! This is exactly what I needed. Really appreciate it. The IS_Temporary field was what I was missing. I had one titledTemporary and set it to True but that obviously failed.