Facility Code to Cards

Hey Group,
Is there a report, or query that Can you find how many cards are attached to a specific Facility Code?
Thanks !


There is a fast and easy way to obtain this information, but only if you are storing the FC with the credentials in CCURE.

  1. Go to Personnel - Credentials and “Go Search” to return all records.
  2. Edit your columns to include the Facility Code Field.
  3. Drag your Facility Code column up to the “group by” area.

The result will be a list of all your facility codes assigned to cards and how many are in each group.

Kind Regards,

Chris Vanderbles, Master Certified Integrator
XSiV Technologies, LLC.

Perfect, that helps… just not in this case…
this is a P2000 migration site, and for most of the cardholders, the FC isn’t attached to their credentials.
we are having a big problem right now with trying to get the CARD+FC to work with the CK71a’s, we have 77 ck721a’s , and 10 iSTAR g2 (they run the elevators)
originally this building only had two tenants’, now there are much more, and we are getting overlap in card numbers, and we were told that the CK is the same as an iSTAR. well here we are trying to get a straight answer on how to make a CK721a use card+fc.