Credentials expiring early

We are finding that when an expiration date is set on a credential that the expiration kicks in about an hour early.
When viewing the credential in a user’s profile they still appear as active but it is rejected as expired when trying to use it on a reader.
This may be related to the fact that we have recently changed to daylight savings time (Sydney, Australia).

The system is running CCure 2.90 SP4 and the firmware of the controller where the issue came to light is:
The controller has Time Zone set as (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney.
The server has the Windows Time zone set as (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney.
The time of the server is correct and card events are recorded in the journal with the actual current time of the event in Server Date/Time and Message Date/Time columns.

As usual, any help or suggestions are gratefully received.

Hi Leigh,

Would you mind to upgrade the firmware of of the controller to latest and check again? Also make sure your host is updated with latest windows updates.