CCure v2.90 SQL

I need to express my disappointment about SQL version of CCure Installer. They informed me that v2.90 does not support SQL Express 2014 that comes with the installer package!!

Hi George,

CCURE 9000 2.90 does support SQL Express 2014. Please let us know if you have some contrary information.

Here are all the SQL editions and versions that are supported by 2.90 (from CCURE 9000 2.90 Release Notes, CC9K-v2-90-RN-8200-1950-26-A0-en.pdf).


Hello Bob,

I am talking about the SQL express version that comes at the installer package.
At Ccure installer there is SQL express 2014 without any SP. Can you verify that?

Hi George,

The SQL Server Express that comes with the 2.90 installer does include a Service pack but it is SP1 and the Release Notes say that we support SQL Server 2014 Express SP2 or higher. I’m not aware of any issue running 2014 Express with SP1, but I will check to see why we list a minimum of SP2.

For anyone else who is interested, you can download SP2 for SQL Server 2014 Express here:

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